6.2. Command Line Interface (CLI)

New in version 1.1.3: Once a purely debug feature, JQM now offers a standard CLI for basic operations.

java -jar jqm-engine.jar -createnode <nodeName> [-port <portNumber>] | -enqueue <applicationname> | -exportallqueues <xmlpath> | -h | -importjobdef <xmlpath> | -importqueuefile <xmlpath> | -startnode <nodeName> | -v
-createnode <nodeName>

create a JQM node of this name (init the database if needed)

-port <portNumber>

port to use for the newly created node

-enqueue <applicationname>

name of the application to launch

-exportallqueues <xmlpath>

export all queue definitions into an XML file

-h, --help

display help

-importjobdef <xmlpath>

path of the XML configuration file to import

-importqueuefile <xmlpath>

import all queue definitions from an XML file

-startnode <nodeName>

name of the JQM node to start

-v, --version

display JQM engine version


Common options like start, createnode, importxml etc. can be used with convenience script jqm.sh / jqm.ps1