9. Glossary

the actual Java code that runs inside the JQM engine, containing business logics. This is must be provided by the application using JQM.
Job Definition
the metadata describing the payload. Also called JobDef. Entirely described inside the JobDef XML file. Identified by a name called “Application Name”
Job Request
the action of asking politely the execution of a JobDef (which in turn means running the payload)
Job Instance
the result of of a Job Request. It obeys the Job Instance lifecycle (enqueued, running, endded, ...). It is archived at the end of its run (be it successful or not) into the history.
JQM Node
JQM Engine
an instance of the JQM service (as in ‘Windows service’ or ‘Unix init.d service’) that can run payloads
Job queue
a virtual FIFO queue where job requests are lined up. These queues are polled by some nodes.
the action of putting a new Job Request inside a Queue. The queue is usually determined by the JobDef which holds a default queue.